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Why botox without brand Cialis is killing your sex life

Beautician with more than 25 years of experience Deborah Mitchell shared frightening observations – it turns out that the use of botox without brand drugs has a very negative impact on sexual life. For many of her clients, it almost stopped, reports the Daily Mail. At the same time, women were of different ages – some of them are not yet 30 years old, and from various fields of activity.

After many clients complained about the lack of interest in intimate life, Deborah thought – and came to the conclusion that binds them all only one – the so-called “beauty injections.” Women noted that they do not feel a loving mood, and if they tried to warm it up consciously – their husbands did not read these signals. The beautician concluded that the use of botox deprives women of the opportunity to clearly show their thoughts and feelings – because their face becomes frozen. And instead of the desired effect – to become more beautiful and attractive for men – they got the exact opposite, although outwardly and looked better.

Botulinum toxin, which is injected under the skin, blocks the muscles of the face, so even if your brain sends a signal to smile or frown – your face physically can not display these emotions. And it really affects the mood – because if a person can not laugh and smile normally, his blood does not emit endorphins, responsible for the feeling of joy and happiness. It is thanks to them that women become sensual and attractive.

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Her observations also showed that clients who gave up Botox were eventually able to establish their intimate lives. At the same time, Deborah does not call for the complete abandonment of beauty – but use them moderately and not very often, if you want not to lose the joy of sexual pleasure.