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Fur Storage

Overworked Furs Deserve a Break
Four Reasons to Professionally Store and Clean your Fur Coat:

storageAfter each long Michigan winter, it comes times to put away our fur coats until the next big chill arrives. However, simply hanging up your fur coat for the season is not where our service ends. Considering how well your fur coats have treated you, you should consider repaying the favor, if you want them to last you many years to come. Because the purchase of a fur is often an investment purchase, it makes sense that you would want to protect your furs for as long as possible. We are professionals when it comes to cleaning and storing your fur coats.

Ceresnie & Offen Furs believes that nothing prolongs the life of your fur coats like a good storage and cleaning regime. Please remember that you own a luxury item, and it should be treated as such, like the upkeep of a luxury vehicle. Fur coat storage and cleaning can be a complicated process. If you have questions, feel free to come to our store, or give us a call. We’d love to speak with you! Our services are offered in the metro-Detroit area, with our store located in Birmingham, MI.



Here are some important benefits of proper fur storage and cleaning:

Fur Fact #1 – Fur Can Crack & Mold
If fur is not kept in an ideal temperature (35-50 degrees) and humidity (45-50%), it can crack and tear.

Fur Fact #2 – Bugs Be Gone!
Vermin, dust mites, and moths consider a dormant fur coat their paradise. Maintaining a proper temperature and humidity level deters these pesky critters from furs.

Fur Fact #3 – Furs Attract & Hold Dirt
Expert fur cleaning removes the accumulated dirt and grease that, if left un-cleansed, will reduce the life of your fur and leave the pelts looking dull and matted. Professional cleaning restores luster, softens the pelts, enhances the beauty, and assures the longevity of your fur coat.

Fur Fact #4 – Ongoing Maintenance
Just like a luxury car, your fur can use a professional to look it over for recommended work. This will enable small problems to be taken care of so they do not become larger costly repairs. We inspect every coat before it is placed in storage for needed repairs. We will notify you in writing if your coat is in need of attention.