181 S. Old Woodward Avenue, Birmingham, MI, 48009


monogram1Every new fur receives an embroidered monogram free of charge.  You may choose to have your initials monogramed or your name placed in the lining.  We have a complete monogram chart with different sizes and styles. We also have a color chart with 24 different colors to choose.

monogram2If you have a fur with a monogram that needs to be changed, this is not a problem; we make a diamond monogram.  We match the lining from your coat and put your initials or name on the matching lining.  We shape the newly monogramed lining into a diamond shape and place it over the old monogram. This is both stylish and reasonable.


Want to learn more about monogramming your fur coats? Give us a call at (248) 642-1690 or come to our store! We serve all of metro-Detroit with our store in Birmingham, MI.