Fur Alterations & Restyling

At Ceresnie & Offen Furs, we take pride in our workmanship. We can make fur alterations and restyle furs of any type right here in metro-Detroit. Our store is located in Birmingham, MI.

restyle1 Restyling Fur Coats
If you are grown tired of the look of your fur, but don’t want to purchase a whole new coat, we can restyle your current fur coat. By restyling, we can magically make your fur into a new fashionable silhouette. Your garment will be taken apart so it becomes a flat pattern. We then put it back together using a new pattern so your furs takes on a completely new look, shape, and fashion. We have reworked  20 year old Minks that can give you another 15-20 years more wear. Here at Ceresnie & Offen Furs, we take restyling your fur coat very seriously.

Fur Coat Alterationsrestyle2
Less costly and less severe than a restyle, fur coat alterations is another route Ceresnie & Offen Furs provides. You may have a perfectly good fur, but the fit just isn’t right. Perhaps your shoulders are too full, your armholes and sleeves are too wide, or your coat is just a few inches too long. If this is the case, you might consider having us cut 10-12” off the length to transform your coat into a new and fashionable 7/8 length. We can offer this and many other fur alteration options. Bring your fur coat in today and we will be happy to see what we can do for you.